After installing new componets, computer wont work with any HDD

Some serious problem going on here. I just installed totally new componets to a clients computer: Motherboard, Graphics Card, Memory, processor and the PSU. HDD is still the same with windows XP in it. Everything in the BIOS looks fine and it finds every necessary component, even the HDD. But when I start it up normally, it just prompts the screen that windows cant start normally and then it gives the boot options (Safe mode etc). I just choose start normally, goes a few seconds with windows is loading and then it restarts. I tried with 2 different hdds (Both with windows XP installed) but it wouldn't work with either. They are around 4-5 years old. I tried different sata ports and cables with no avail.

I also tried with a Windows XP sp3 installation cd to fix the installation, but it claimed that there are no mass storage devices connected.

Right now, I'm a bit clueless.

I highly doubt that the all the sata ports are broken in the new motherboard. Any help?
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  1. XP probably don't support the new hardware. Get windows 7 or 8.
  2. You might have to change the way the HDD is being read. In your bios you should be able to find AHCI, ATA, and raid (or something similar) You should see if changing that will allow you to begin to boot. You might have to do a repair after making the changes.
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