Can someone help me diagnose this issue?

Hi, I hope that this is the right place to post this as I have been having problems with my computer for months now and I fear it may be the power supply, but I am unsure. First and foremost I would like to thank anyone for reading and/or responding to this plea for help in advance. I have an alien ware area 51 that is over its warranty and they will not help me diagnose the problem I am currently having, so I hope one of you guys can. My computer will power up, but will not display anything on it's monitor. I currently have 2 graphics cards running in sli, and I can not tell if they are the culprit but one of them doesn't have its fan running, but that also might be because it's like 20 degrees right now. My cd drives make weird noises and won't open up, actually one will open up, but only like 1/2 of an inch and then it stays there, but then after I close it, it will stay closed and not open back up. There is nothing blocking these drives. I have had it sent in before for a bad power supply, and I am not sure if that is the culprit either, seeing as how I am receiving power, but it might be because it doesn't seem to be enough power to open the drives up. I have tested the drives one at a time on different power sources from the psu, and they each individually do not work on any of the connections. My physx processors fan spins up as well as my CPU fan, but it is hard to see if there are any problems because again, my monitor says there is no signal.

Right now I can not test my psu as I do not have a multimeter, but when I did have a warranty it was returned and serviced for a bad psu. I will be buying a multimeter tomorrow but if you have any advice or any suggestions on the culprit please let me know. Also please excuse any spelling mistakes or out of place words as I am typing this on an iPad and it's auto spell is a pain in the butt sometimes.
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  1. Look on your power supply for the 12v rail(s) in amps and the brand. I ask since you may have upgraded it.
  2. I am using a 750 watt psu, it doesn't have a brand name on it, I suspect it way be an alien ware proprietary one. I also can't see the amp value on the 12 v rail
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