Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 Super OC

I have tried looking and cannot seem to find the dimensions for this card

I was just checking to see if anyone in the forums might have one or might know. I like the size of the palit 460 gtx sonic platinum oc edition but overall the galaxy seems like it might be better.
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  1. Well, i don't know the exact size of those card, but why do you want Super OC card?
    You can buy a normal GTX460 and OC it by yourself to make it the same speed of super oc card...

    ASUS GTX460 DirectCU card will give you voltage control, allowing you to increase voltage, so your card can go much higher:

    The 2x6pin input are located on top of the card, make it "shorter" than regular card...
  2. ^ +1

    Best Nvidia brands in my opinion are EVGA, Asus, MSI and Gigabyte. Just in my experience the 2 brands you listed are a step down in quality.

    Edit: Newegg has card dimensions listed for every card they sell under the Details tab.
  3. Yes, I have checked there unfortunately they do not have dimensions listed
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    Yeah, I googled it and I haven't found any dimensions in any of the reviews or retailers sites I've been to, It may pay to call your supplier and ask them to measure it out.
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