MSI thinks Gigabyte is cheating on PCIe Gen 3 Ready Claim

Not sure you all read about this or not, for your infomraiton, Gigabyte is cheating again and caught by MSI. :non:

MSI thinks that Gigabyte made a cheating information by claiming that as many as 40 of its motherboards are "Ready for Native PCIe Gen. 3."
Therefore MSI decided to put its engineering and PR team to build a technically-sound presentation rebutting Gigabyte's claims. :ouch:

MSI begins by explaining that PCIe support isn't as easy as laying a wire between the CPU and the slot.
It needs specifications-compliant lane switches and electrical components, and that you CAN NOT count on certain Gigabytes for future-proofing, which it maks it as FAKE info to public. :heink:

MSI did some PCI-Express electrical beanch mark by using a 22 nm Ivy Bridge processor sample :kaola:

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  1. Interesting.

    I use a Z68 GD65 myself on Sandy Bridge.
  2. Just saw more news on this matter in other forums....
  3. NO REPLY from Giga... guess they agree with what MSI says then.....
  4. So! Gigabyte has been caught again. Thank you MSI,you've got our respect.
  5. MSI is the man......
  6. and gigabyte still uses a BIOS insted of UEFI. Thats why their motherboards are cheap. Asrock has some nice z68 pcie 3.0 boards out though, not as expensive as MSI either.
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