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A good Graphics Card Around 100$

Im just starting my Comp build and im buying the parts as I get the Money. What is your guys best Opinion for a a Good Graphics Cars around 100$. My goal would be starcraft 2 at medium settings and not have any real problems.
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  1. We need your computer specs! Power Supply, processor and screen resolution especially.
    I would suggest a Radeon HD 4850 (a couple years old but great for the money), except I don't know if your computer can handle it. I think a 4850 can max SC2 at 1080p, but as with all RTS games, processor speed is very important too. The best part is, a 4850 1GB can be found for only $80 after rebate on
  2. Well as of right now its an i5 750 build and I dont care about power usage sense i havent bought one yet so that will be phased in once i get everything bought. So far i have only bought the CPU and am working on the other stuff. was going to ry to buy most of the stuff at the same time but I only had 200$ on me and the store i went to was selling them for 160$ so I bought.
  3. jryan388 posted the link I was going to. That's an excellent deal on a great card (still).
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    If you can live with a MIR this would be a good choice.]

    If you need it to be under 100 before rebate however, then go with jryan's.
  5. Very good choices to pick from any NVidia chips out there or does ATI just curb stomp them in the 100$ range
  6. ATI pretty much has that price point performance wise. You would have to grab a a card like this, and you would have to take the MIR in also..

    And that is slightly worse the card I just posted, as well as not having DX11.
  7. Thx for the quick replies I will most likley go with the second one bc it newer and it matches my price range 100%. ? That should have no problem runninng in a 5 year old hp with a amd 64 as long as I get a better power supply? Can't give better specs bc I really don't know much about the comp it was given to me when my last one broke as a temporary fix
  8. Are you using that comp now?
  9. Not at the comp right now all I know off the top of my head is it was bought around 2006 has an integrated gcard and an and 64 that runs at 2.1 ghz.
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  11. Well doesn't matter not playing any games right now on this comp
    mainly bc I don't have much thank you all
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