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Can't understand psu.

most psu brand tell they got 80plus certification or their efficiency is 80 or 75%,but that's important term in context of saving electricity bills right?
now i don't care about bills but importance is how know that 500w psu will be able to deliver full 500w to the system?no manufacturer lists any numbers about that?
to me importance is of max watt delivery while buying,how know that?
i know it's a stupid one...but....
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  1. Your computer will only pull the wattage it needs to run under the circumstances, anything else stays in the wall.
  2. Check reviews of the units you are considering to see if they can deliver what they claim. Places like jonnyguru put them in a hot box to stress test them under some pretty harsh conditions and make sure they can do what they say.
  3. If you buy a good quality brand like Corsair, Seasonic, XFX etc they should deliver what they say.

    Its always a good idea to check reviews of individual units as well though.
  4. Check for reveiws, its that simple.
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    Buy a quality brand, they are rated on continuous output crappy ones are rated on peak load.
  6. agreed it needs to be the right reviews, couldn't recall who is good.
  7. Amazon customer reviews.
  8. beanoslim said:
    Amazon customer reviews.

  9. thanks for such quick and huge responses.those websites are good.closing thread
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