Advice On $800 Gaming Build

Im not going to be building this for another month or two, so I know prices will drop and new things will come out but I just want to get a general idea of what to look for and if I should possibly wait till something new comes out and such.

Here it is-


Mobo- (I need the most advice with this)






All this come to $790

So Im open for any suggestions or advice about this build. I dont want to go too much over $800, but if it's definitely worth it then Ill consider it.
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    ok, that MOBo won't do multipel graphics cards, but otherwise, its pretty solid

    the CPU is fine

    you might consider upping your GPU to the 1 GB model.

    PSU is a good PSU, but probly overkill for what you have. You can get by with a 500W PSU with this system, especially since you won't be able to do SLI.

    for the same price, get this HDD instead.

    your ram is DDR2 and will not work with this. you want DDR3

    get this:

    or this:

    the case is not bad, but may be overkill for what you plan to do.

    check out the Challenger or Destroyer at half the cost.
  2. i would actually get i5 760 it is an upgraded version of i5 750

    here is the case i would suggest
  3. Thanks Screwy. Yeah I didnt plan on doing SLI so I guess Im going to stick with that mobo.

    Thanks for the hdd suggestion and mentioning the DDR3 ram, I totally forgot to check about the ram compatibility.

    Great suggestions man, I appreciate it.
  4. samdsox said:
    i would actually get i5 760 it is an upgraded version of i5 750

    here is the case i would suggest

    Ah I didnt even think about the 760, thank.

    Since you and screwy are both suggesting that I get a different case I think I will. The one you posted looks pretty solid
  5. samdsox said:

    I think Im going to stick with the hdd Screwy mentioned-

    I honestly dont really know what to look for in a mobo besides what is compatible and what isnt. What is better about that one you mentioned?
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