What is my bottleneck??

I just got the game mafia 2, which is the first game that i own that is from the directX 11 generation and will actually test my xfx 5770. I get decent framerates on pretty high settings (25-40). My question is why i get random moments in the game where the FPS drops to the single digits... These dips seem to happen at random times in the game, not always during graphics intensive moments.
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what could be causing this. i am fine with 30 FPS in this game, but i cannot play when these dips keep happening. The ideas I have come up with have been: my cpu is too weak for the game, my gpu temp gets too hot, or my gpu is just too weak for these settings. My cpu is always working at or close to 100 percent when im playing the game, this is the same for my GPU.
I also checked the the temps. The max i got during a one hour session was 27C for the cpu (its water cooled with a corsair H50) and 80C for the GPU. I think these temps are reasonable for the components working at 100% but im not an expert. Couldnt find anything on google so thats why i came here.
I wanna know how i can get rid of these drops, but i would also like to know what you think the bottleneck is in this system. I want to uprade a component but I dont know which one would give me the greatest performance increase, a phenom II x4 965 BE or a 5850/5870. If i get the beefier graphics card will it still be slowed down by the cpu and see minimal gains? I am planning to upgrade both in the future anyway but i want to know which one to do first. Thanks for any help!

Phenom x4 9600 black edition 2.3ghz
XFX Radeon 5770 (Juniper XT)
4GB Gskill DDR2 800
Corsair 650TX PSU
MST 790XT-G45
Wondows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
10.8 catalyst
CM Storm Scout
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    Overclock your Phenom x4, if that helps, you have a CPU bottleneck.

    I suggest you upgrade your CPU first.
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    OC it a little bit (3.0GHz if you can) or upgrade your CPU with a better one...
  3. What would i have to get it to to eliminate the bottleneck? i bumped it up a little bit to 2.5 Ghz but then it would freeze whenever it would go to screensaver. i would have to do a hard reset everytime. I could try it again, but do you recommend uppping the FSB or the multiplier? It was wierd, it ran in Prime 95 for like 4 hours, at 2.5 but it would freeze at the screensaver nonetheless... Phenom's are not easy to overclock i hear, mostly the first gen though i think... Any tips on that either let me know, im not a pro thats for sure. I REALLY appreciate the advice! Also, there would be no bottleneck with a 5870 if i had a 965 right? I mean its only like 4.4 more Ghz (stock at least) than my current proc?
  4. It is the processor holding you back. The Phenom II chips are a different architecture so you cannot just compare clock speeds. Fortunately at least you don't need a new motherboard to make the upgrade.
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