CPU Heatsink air flow direction?

I'm in the process of building a computer. I got a Corsair A70 CPU cooler. If I use both fans that come with it, the only way I can have the cooler positioned is vertically-one fan sucks air up, and the other pushes it out the top. I have a Haf X case, so there is a fan on the top that will suck air out the top. Will it be OK for my CPU heatsink to pull from the bottom of the case, and push out the top? I know most people have their CPU heatsink flowing horizontally inside the case so that the air flows out the back. I'm running an i7 930.

I hope that wasn't too confusing of a description. I can barely understand it.


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  1. Front to back or down to up in this case is the recommended way. You are then blowing the heat towards the exhaust.
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