Mobile rack question: Trayless vs Caddy

I am looking to get a mobile rack for my PC. Should I choose trayless design over caddy? I've been using the caddy one (for IDE) for years and feel it is ok. My situation is that I will have 2-3 hard drives swap once a day (used by different users).

In addition, I see the "storage limit" like 1tb mentioned in the models. I thought the interface on the rack is nothing other than a passthrough. Why the size of the hard drive has something to do with the rack?

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  1. Please give us the specs for your alternatives. That would help us help you.
  2. I am looking to use 500G SATA HD in each occasion. There is no specific requirement on the throughput. In addition, I might need to use 1tb+ once in a while as data storage.

    My concern is if the trayless configuration might cause connection problem easier because we swap once, twice a day. Caddy appears to isolate the hard drive from direct hookup, while incur additional cost.

    Is my concern unnecessary? Please advise.
  3. What you said did not help. Please provide manufacturer, model, and specifications for your alternative rigs... Thanks.
  4. I'd say use the caddy.
    I am currently using a caddy for a 2TB HDD. Works well. Keeps the wear and tear down on the SATA connections on the HDD itself. Likewise your hard disk is then protected (somewhat) when not loaded in your PC. Not sure which models you are looking at that have a storage limit on them. I am not using an expensive caddy (AgeStar SR1A-K-1F), and it works fine with 2TB.
    You should use the trayless design more for HDD's that you don't plan to swap so often.

    Hope this helps!
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