Not enough connectors >_>

I'm the proud new owner of an HD Radeon 6870. However my PSU is intent on not letting me use it...
It takes 2 6-pin connectors and as I have recently found out my Power Supply only has 2 4-pin molex connectors. I planned to use the 6-pin converters to power the card but in my haste I made a teeny little mistake. 1 6-pin adapter will use up both of my molex's and I dont have any more spare connectors to make a 2nd connection. I know my PSU can handle it it just doesn't have enough connectors and I don't know what to do as I really don't wanna buy another PSU just because I ran out of space...

600w continuous
24a 3.3v
30a 5v
30a 12v rail 1
30a 12v rail 2

Any ideas that don't require me to buy a new one?
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  1. That would be amazing if that PSU does not have more connectors with those ratings!
    It made me curious what brand and model is it?
  2. So your psu has no pci-e connecters???

    Using 2 adapters isn't the best connection solution by a long way.
  3. Sadly no, it has no 6-pins standard on it. I bought a build and had no choice in the power supply. So I'm not sure about the model or brand either. I was actually pretty amazed myself with the specs on it. I do have a solution in mind however. I found an adapter that only requires 1 4-pin to convert to 6-pin giving me just enough plugs to work until I replace it.

    The video card as I said takes 2 6-pins and runs on the 12 volt rail. It says it takes 75 watts per connector at load so by my math it should take about 6 to 7 amps per connector. I'm thinking that my PSU with its specs should be able to push enough power per 4-pin to support a 6-pin apiece without having to use a Y cable. I read somewhere that the main reason it takes 2 4-pins is because some power supplys can't push enough amps per rail to support with one, but considering mine is 2 rails of 30 amps I don't think I would have a problem sparing 7 amps a rail.

    Any thoughts?

    The cord is here:

    Edit: I don't know if this makes a difference, but I have a case fan, a side fan, a bottom fan to help circulation and I'm pretty sure they all use 4 pins and one uses 2 so that may be where all my connectors are going.
  4. if the psu doesnt have enough connectors its likely not a good psu. a high quality psu is very important, especially if you dont want your nice new graphics card go up in a billow of smoke.
    which psu do you have now?
  5. I wouldn't be messing with adapters on my new $250 card ... I'd invest in a good 850 watter (i.e. XFX Black Edition 850 @ $110) to handle that card plus the one you're gonna add in the future.
  6. I opened it up and sort of had a spasm of fear upon seeing the brand name. It's an extreme gear. I think I'm gonna upgrade power supplies like NOW. Extreme gear for those who don't know my experiences with them are the high quality company that brings you the mouse that actually squeaks when you right click. As well as the keyboard that bends in the middle when you push too hard. Yeah, new PSU coming up >_>
  7. Any suggestions ^_^
  8. Best answer
    Depending on your budget, any of these would cover a Crossfire setup, all have 4xpci-e.

    XFX best price, Seasonic best psu, Corsair right in the middle with 7yr warranty. :D
  9. clarkx100 said:

    600w continuous
    24a 3.3v
    30a 5v
    30a 12v rail 1
    30a 12v rail 2

    Clearly an obsolete design. Lack of PCIe power connectors is one sign. Another sign is the relatively heavy 3.3 and 5 volt rails. Another sign is the clearly optimistic 12 volt rating. Two 30 amp 12 volt rails totals 720 watts by themselves.

    You need a new PSU,
  10. Would there be any way to get a good one that's not $100+ I'm really on a tight budget after my new Video card and monitor >_<
  11. Thanks for the help guys, I bought the Antec 650W on sale from newegg, got my new card hooked up to it and it's running like a dream. Computer is twice as quiet now and wasn't that loud to begin with so great PSU. Thanks for the link Rolli but Beanoslim helped a ton so best answer goes to him =/
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  13. Glad your happy again. [:bohleyk:1]
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