Enclosure or Adapter that supports 3TB exFat sub $100 ?

I'm trying to get a 3TB exFat HD visible on a network as cheaply as possible without spending a bunch on a NAS setup. I've seen several hard drive enclosures and also some USB->ethernet network adapters that work on drives. The problems I've found so far are that many require FAT32 formatting, and/or (in the case of enclosures) have a 2TB limit. Does anyone know if a product even exists (enclosure or adapter) that can get a 3TB exFat drive online for < $100 ? Any help is much appreciated!
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  1. It sounds like Addonics NAS 3.0m adapter does this, but requires the drive to either be reformatted or partitioned and items to be moved into a PUBLIC folder? I need to be able to use the drive as is. Anyone know anything about this device?

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