ASUS Rampage II Extreme LCD Poster broke?

Hi All

I have a system based on Rampage II Extreme. As you most probably know this model (as well as any high end ASUS, I think) comes with an LCD poster.
The system works fine for more than 2 years now, and since the beginning I have the LCD poster set to show the MB's temperatures.

Today I noticed something wrong with the poster, the info shown is normal as ever but some of the display's segments are much paler (not black as they should be) and some are invisible, also some of them are blinking. Just as if the poster is being hit and some of the connections between the PCB and the LCD display have been disrupted (you've most probably seen such effects on various LCD devices survived an impact). The problem is that NO such a thing happened recently (or ever). The day before yesterday it was OK, yestarday I haven't turned on my PC and today I see this.

It can't be the MB or the connection between the MB and the poster because I can still see that the information shown is what it should be, although it's hard beacuse many segments are "missing". Also there are no other prblems with the PC, it works fine...

My questions are: Does anyone have encountered such a problem before? And: Can something be done to fix it? Or my LCD poster is finished.

Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. Sounds like the LCD display is just worn out. Can't you buy a replacement direct from the manufacturer?
  2. abekl said:
    Can't you buy a replacement direct from the manufacturer?

    I haven't tried but I rather doubt I can buy just a poster. In my country such an order would be too much of a hassle...

    OMG It's OK again!!!

    Well I guess you are right it's wearing out. I have to say though, that now is autumn here and today is noticeable colder than the last time I saw the poster working but that never has been a problem the last 2 years... Maybe it's just stressed by the sudden change in temerature?! (how do you think?)

    Anyway it's good to have it but honestly I can live without it. If it completely fails I'll just dump it. (I hope it's just the temperature change though...)

    Tanks a lot for the reply! :)

    P.S. Anyway do you think it's just the temperature change?
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