Iomega Prestige 1TB Non-Responsive

My "friend" borrowed my Iomega Prestige 1TB while at my place recently, and while I was hunting for the 12v power pack, he decided to sick a 19v power pack in. Needless to say, the unit is not working; the only sign of life is the light on the side which now flashes in steady 1sec intervals. And of course, the unit is out of warranty. All I wan't is to get the data off the disk.

I know enough IT and Electronics to be talked through a solution. I've Googled the question with little to no prevail, albeit a glimmer of hope that if I ask for help, there should be an answer.

Please Help.
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  1. More than likely, the interface board (USB > SATA) inside the Iomega case has been fried. If you want to get the data off the drive, try to disassemble the drive (video at, and place the hard drive directly in your computer via SATA connection or purchase another case (see You can pick up an external enclosure at almost any computer store.
  2. The usual result of an overvoltage from a laptop power supply is a shorted 12V TVS diode on the actual HDD. The fix in most cases is to snip out the diode.


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