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A couple of days ago my new EVGA gtx 470 arrived. I immediately removed my old drivers via driver sweeper and then installed the new card. I then ran it through 3dmarkvantage and only scored 14703. I also tested it on a couple different games and it seemed to run a little to slow compared to different benchmarks that i have looked at. Namely crysis, medieval 2 total war, and oblivion.

Crysis: got about 40 fps average on 1920x1080 on high settings. dropped to mid 20s in graphically intensive scenes.

Oblivion: Maxeds out at 1920x1080 runs at 50 fps average.

Medieval total war 2: Maxed at 1920x1080 goes all the way from 80 fps down to 25. And if i make the game go 6x faster it drops down to 4 fps!

3dmarkvantage: at 1280x1024 performance setting.

Is my gtx 470 underperforming? if so can you guys help me find out what the problem is? I have downloaded the newest drivers from EVGAs website.

my system:
amd phenom II x4 955
EVGA gtx 470
Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4, Socket-AM3
corsair 4gb ram running at 1333mhz
corsair 750w TX powersupply
haf 932
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  1. Update your motherboards BIO's and then report back to us, Would also like to know your OS.

    Also, Whats your HDD?
  2. Your games fps don't seem to bad, but your Vantage score might be a little low.
    What were your individual scores in Vantage. Here is mine with PPU (physX ) disabled.
    GTX 460 o/c@925
    258 drivers
  3. Quote:
    @notty dude ur using an overclocked i5 Which is far superior than OP Amd cpu.Run ur vantage at stock setting of gpu and cpu and watch ur score going downhill.


  4. Vantage score is largely based on gpu performance. You can have a 980x and a 4850 and your final score will be 10,000. What your gpu score is.
    That was actually my score with this same cpu and a 4770.
    Are you following me ?
    The screenshot showed my gpu score.
    Here is my cpu at 2800mhz , physX enabled and disabled.

    I lowered my max multi to 14x in both cases/
  5. Quote:
    See how much ur scores decreased by removing ur overclock.

    Not surprisingly your missing the whole point. In my original post, I asked the OP what is individual scores were ?
    You can see in my three different screenshots that my gpu score was about the same ?

    We don't know what the op's gpu score is yet.
  6. my GPU score is 14703
  7. great_dane said:
    my GPU score is 14703

    I'm going to guess your gtx 470 is 'ok'.
    I was able to replicate a gpu score of 14700 by running my gtx 460@800, cpu 2800mhz, ppu disabled.
    Your cpu is a non factor as long as it does not bottleneck. A 955 should not bottleneck.

    From reviews I read, a stock gtx 470@600mhz performance=gtx 460@800mhz or there abouts.
    And thats what these results are showing us.
  8. would i see a significant performance increase if i was to overclock my CPU and my gtx 470?
  9. For actual game performance and gpu score in Vantage, you would benefit from a gpu o/c. Not so much cpu o/c. At certain cpu/mem performance levels you unleash the full potential of your gpu, after that point, the higher cpu o/c will not do anything.

    You probably could raise your gpu clock from 600 to 700 and realize a nice performance boost, without much effort. Or negatives.
  10. That's a normal 470 gpu score, don't worry about it. CPU is probably a bottleneck in some cases, my Q6600 at 3.2ghz was for mine.
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