Amd sempron 1800 processor compatible mother board

Dear Sir,

My desktop mother board is K8V-MX with AMD Sempron 1800+ porcessor. but mother borard not working properly so i would like to replace so please suggest to compatible mother board with above processor.

Thanks & Regard's
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  1. Do you want this board to be upgradeable to future processors from AMD?
  2. Doesn't matter if he wants it to or not, the K8V is a socket 754 board. AMD doesn't make those CPUs anymore.

    If you want to reuse your RAM and CPU, you need to find another S754 board. Any Socket 754 board should run that CPU. I have no idea what's available in India, you'll have to look around.
  3. I think his cpu will work in an AM3 socket, if I am reading correctly. So I asked whether he wants the new board to be upgradeable to ascertain whether he wants an AM3+ socket.
  4. You read wrong. His CPU has ZERO chance of working in any AM socket. It won't even work in a Socket 939 board which came out before AM2.
  5. OK, I stand corrected then.
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