SSD Chip Swapped with Another (VERY STRANGE NEED HELP)?

So I talked my friend into upgrading to a crucial m4 256gb ssd from a old 5400rpm hdd in his macbook 5,1. Well I go to format his ssd on my lenovo t430 before cloning the harddrive and the ssd already had windows and system file on it? It also only shows 90gb and in device manager shows up as OCZ -Vertex3 ATA , in disk drive. So what I am thinking is someone from either microcenter or the manufacture may have swapped the chips inside? The casing says m4 crucial 256gb on it but I dont want to open it up to void warranty and microcenter not take a return. Am I missing something here and the device manager would show Vertex 3 instead of crucial and hide around 180 gb from me???? I checked disk management and it only shows up as 83 gb after format and no left over allocated space .

Whats going on here because the seals were all intact when we picked it up and opened it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated because I think my friend is losing faith in me but I have never come across anything like this before!!!
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    Bring it back to the store.
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