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I wish to create a gaming cluster with two pc's, but i have no idea where to start. First i read about Global Processing Unit,, but it seems to be something different. Then i found openmosix, but still confused where to start. I would appreciate any help, I want to spend as little money as possible on this project. Also, I would like for it to be Windows based, as im unfamiliar with Linux. One pc is a T43 Thinkpad, 1.6 Ghz. And the other is an old Dell Latitute C640 if im not mistaken, which has 2ghz pentium 4 both running XP. Thanks in advance.
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  1. so i've been doing some more reading, and the problem seems to be that games are not designed for a Beowulf system, and may even result in a slow down. So I guess the only solution is to buy better hardware, and/or overclock. =(
  2. Well, sure, if the cluster is poorly constructed. I've seen good ones, I've seen bad ones. To make a true cluster is nigh impossible using windows (meaning that, though possible, it's a royal pain). But fortunately, Linux has Wine. Let's say you've got 4 computers that operate at 2 gigs of ram, with single core 3.0 ghz processors. A correctly constructed cluster won't have the FULL benefits of the four computers added up, but it would come out to something in the ball park of the equivalent of 6g ram and a 2.7 ghz quad core. Little worse than if you'd tallied the four up into one computer, but heck of a lot cheaper than buying 2.7 quad core with 6g ram.
    I only write this as a hopeful boost of confidence, since I have no idea how to set the bloody thing up. If you figure it out, tell me, 'cuz i got need of a similar set up. Got one good computer with no video capability and one bad computer with great video (bad meaning it sucks hardware wise, but the video card is surprisingly good).

  3. Well I've been looking around and I can't find anything encouraging. I've just started a module on computer comms and networking, which is why I thought I'd look into all of this.
    Now from what I've found out it seems as though:

    +It is very difficult to set up a windows based beowulf cluster

    +Most clusters are made up of linux or unix nodes, however heterogeneity is possible. Meaning that (from what I know) you could in theory have a master windows computer (very suiting when you consider the monopoly windows have over the average home computer) and then have as many linux or unix slave nodes as you like.

    +One of the main concerns with gaming on a cluster computer is that the latency would almost definitely make the act of having a cluster computer for gaming obsolete. As the time it takes for one node to send a packet to another node, have that computer do it's thing and then send that information back would be a lot slower then simply doing it by itself.

    I do however, remain marginally resolute as I think you could make a cluster computer comprising of one master computer and a few parallel slave computers. Now parallel computing is where multiple processors share one lump of ram, meaning that only an instruction would have to be passed from one computer to another, as opposed to having to send the message and all the relevant information. This would be especially handy if the game were to be installed to a SSD connected to the parallel computers. I'm not sure how that would work in practice but after all, we are only limited by our imagination... and bank balance... and the current state of technology, to name a few.

    Maxwell Derner
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