Computer cores overs heating

Added H50 to cool CPU but 2 cores are over heating ?
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  1. Be more specific. Some temp variance is normal.
  2. CPU temp is 35-degrees and gaming 43 degrees
    I got amd 2.8 Processor on Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe Mo/Bo am2 slot
    Core temp is 50-51 at idle and gaming goes up yo 65 on both

    Yes we took rubbing alcohol and wipe processor clean and H50 had paste on new component when install?
  3. H50 is a pretty poor performer (5C worse than Megahalems for example) though I wouldn't account all your problems to that. The H50 also decreases case cooling efficiency since you are blocking an exhaust opening w/ a radiator. I'd have to put most of the problem on a bad install .... w/ TIM application being most suspect.

    AS5 might be contributing to the problem if that's what you used as it has a 200 hour curing time. I suspect poor application of thermal paste as probably the biggest culprit
  4. Thanks ill reset it but I have 5 fans in comp
    1=Front = intake
    2) left side intake
    3) right side intake
    4 Back Exhaust
    5 A Goose neck 1 over Nividia 450 graphics card

    I put H50 fan to Radiator in front intake fan so it gets straight air first ?
    As far as paste it was on the component From factory was sticky when installed?
  5. H50 should be at the rear flushing OUT hot air

    iv seen this with a few amd's after a few years they seem to almost fail, put out too much heat yet function as normal provided you can cool it - its almost as if it overvolts its self or voltage "leaks" through the chip causing excess heat even idling etc

    then again you may just need a bios update, or are reading the wrong temps or there off by 10*c etc
  6. Put the Red Neck fix on it. lol
    Cold here in Maryland and 12x12 room I am in is warm so I ran a 4" duct through floor to basement window and put a cheap 27 dollars Bathroom exhaust fan on it
    Hooked up to switch up in room on/ off
    Temps Now are 27=CPU
    23= Mo/Bo
    now cores ?
    Everest is reading 50 still
    But Pc Wizard is reading 32-33 40-45 when gaming
    My Bios is updated so i Clocked 2.8 Processor to 3080 almost 3.1 Ran sweet for hours Gaming on Black ops
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