I5750 is sluggish

I know this sounds crazy, but my i5 750 seams sluggish compared to my e6500 when opening word etc. The e6500 opens word instantly, but the i5 750 takes 3 seconds to open word. when working with video or heavy loads the I5 smokes the e6500. Basically it's when I switch our open programs.
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  1. Your hard drive is going to determine how fast your programs open.

    You'll need to clean (ccleaner) your hard drive and defrag (auslogics).

    Reformatting helps if its been a long time.


    Upgrade your hard drive! SSDs are becoming somewhat affordable, especially as boot drives. I just bought a 64GB (abit, $115) w/ sandforce rated @ 280MB/s read 270 MB/s write and everything is just about instant. 10k RPM VelociRaptors are fun too, though not quite as fast as SSDs, they still make great drives for games/big workloads.

    What are your other components? Operating System?
  2. Ah yes nearly forgot malware.

    Definitely get back to us with what you use for protection.
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