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I have been slowly updating my build and just bout a HAF X to start playing with. i still have my Asus M4A77TD mobo installed. I have updated my GPU to a XFX Radeon 6850. my question is what RAM is good for this mobo? I have some cheap Centon Ram at 1600 timings are 11 across! Can i get some suggestions on good ram to install for gaming preferably? I have a CompUSA close so I wanted to pick something up but they primarily sell patriot and I heard patriot not very good with this mobo. any help is great
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  1. RAM speed isn't very important in games so as long as you have a 8GB kit running at 1600 MHz you shouldn't replace it if your PC is running ok with it.If you really want to upgrade your ram , then you should get a 8GB kit with heat spreaders from a well known brand like Corsair (Dominator or Vengeance) , Kingston (HiperX) , G Skill (Ripjaws).
  2. Any of the name brand memory suppliers including Patriot should have RAM specifically designed for your CPU/mobo. Mushkin, G.Skill, Corsair and Kingston all sell Phenom II approved RAM that should work with your Asus mobo. You can also check the Azus website for QVL RAM tested on your specific Asus mobo model.
  3. Thanks all- so timings that boast 11's are ok and I really shouldnt worry to much about getting down to 8 or 9's ? The RAM I have are straight sticks no heat spreaders but my system does run good. I run StarCraft 2 and DeadSpace 2 for example at max settings (deadspace 2 in eyefinity) and i look to run great but I am starting to get into recording and like always i am being advised by another that I should upgrade RAM. (sorry I neglected the start in video recording/editing)
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    Ram timings don't impact performance at all so you don't have to worry about that and 1600 MHz is a very good speed for ram so you don't have problems there either.Since your system runs well with your current memory , I see no reason at all to upgrade it.As far as I know , for video recording/editing it's very important to have a lot of memory but memory speed isn't very important.
  5. Thanks!
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