AM3: 760G OR Other Chipset for Gaming with Descrete GPU?

Am planning to get those:
AMD Phenom II X4 955
PSU: Corsair CX500 V2.

GPU: Radeon HD 6770.

Am going to get this MoBo-

I see that 88G and other AM3 Chipset cost more than 760G. The 880G has HD 4250 and 760G has 3450 as IGPU. As I will be using Descrete GPU (Radeon HD 6770) so Integrated GPU on the MoBo will not be used.

So, I want to know 880G chipsets have any advantage over 760G chipsets for Gaming with descrete GPU?

Actually am on a budget so I also want to know if I go with 760G MoBo I will face any problem or not.

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  1. From what I can see there isn't really any difference between the 2 chipsets for what you will be doing.

    The IGP on the 880 is almost the same as the 760, just clocked slightly faster, but since you won't even be using the IGP the 760G will work great.
  2. Nope. There are significant differences, though.

    Connectivity options will be less, and BIOS options will be limited. Power VRMs will most likely be of a less-durable variety, too.

    That said, your motherboard will work fine with your CPU and video card, but you may want to consider a similar AM3+ model
  3. Indeed wise, unless you are specifically on a tight budget here or you need this yesterday, I would go with an AM3+ board.
  4. Thanks. But I've no plan to upgrade to BD, and I wont buy a AM3+ MoBo.
    I just want to know the advantage of 880G over 760G.
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