Help! Computer Won't Turn on

I just put together a new computer because my old one was outdated.

When I try to start my computer nothing happens. A fan spins for a second then stops. The green light on the mobo is on and stays on and a blue light comes on for the same amount of time the fan turns on.. like half a second.

I think i have everything in the right spot.. but I'm thinking my psu is whats wrong but im not sure..It's only 250 watts but My old computer was working fine with it...

I changed the motherboard to a MSI 790fx-GD70 ( The motherboard I had was a stock mobo from walmart)

The CPU to a 6-core amd ph II black edition ( my old one was a 1.6 dual)

and 8 gigs of Dr3 ram ( my old was 4 gigs of ddr2 ocz)

H3lp please!!
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  1. lmfao... omg You guys are going to think im ******* retarded.. but I didn't put in the standoffs i put in regular screws and i replaced them and it worked fine.. but I forgot to take one extra screw out and my motherboard caught on fire lmfao.. but i unplugged it and took the screw out and it seems to be ok now... a lil singed
  2. That'll learn ya !! BTW we have all at one time or another had a similar event happen, live and learn..:)
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