Can i upgrade my cpu to dual core.

Hi Um i really like playing fps like mw2 and left for dead. I really need a dual core processer to play the games a little bit faster. can i upgrade. my motherboard is emachine WMCP61M???
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  1. What is your current CPU? can you tell the exact model? i haven't found any great info on that motherboard...
  2. The model is el1333g-01w and cpu amd athlon 2850e
  3. My landlord has this computer, I am in the midst of upgrading it. You can definitely upgrade this computer. I am not sure on the TDP limit for the chip, but it seems with the newer bios it is able to even take some am3 cpus. I have an Athlon II X3 445 and a Phenom II x2 550 to try on it(TDP 95W and 80w respectively). It appears the psu is more than capable. it is a 220W 80plus bronze module, stressing the current system as is I am only pulling a max of 40 watts from the wall. This computer has a pciex1 and x16 slot. I'll hook a 5750 to it with a riser and see how it handles. Will report back.
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