Fans spin up, no post

I just received the parts from newegg, and have been frustrated trying to get them working all night. The fans on the heatsink, video card and case will spin up, but I get no post beep and I get no video at all. once I start it up the power button will not turn the computer back off, and have to cut power from the psu.

I'm trying to boot with only the video card, one stick of ram, and the cpu/heatsink installed and the mobo is siting on the box it came in. I'm at wits end here and I really need to get this setup running ASAP because I need it for school assignments due monday...
Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

here are the links to all my new parts:




Video Card


These are all compatible right? I didn't make any stupid mistakes and buy incompatible things? I did the newegg power calculator and I'm pretty sure I got a PSU with sufficient power....
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  1. Well, I feel Like a fool. After I wrote this post I reseated everything for the second time, and It works again. I have a feeling it was the processor.

    Well, I may be a fool, but I sure am a happy fool. :)
  2. ^ Good to hear that it is fine now,...And bookmark this sticky would help in the future if you come across any boot or no display issues...
  3. hah I actually did go through those steps before posting. I then went through them a second time (because you never know) while waiting for a reply. I guess I did it wrong twice, but third time is the charm.

    Problem is that the system is running really slow, way slower than it should with this hardware. I was also unable to find good drivers for my processor (amd phenom II x6) All I could find were drivers for the phenom family that were dated in 2007. When I tried to install them, it said that my operating system (windows 7) was not supported.

    I'm actually having to reinstall my OS right now due to an issue with an upgrade product key. So is there anything I should do to make sure I get all my hardware configured correctly right from the start?

    I noticed in the bios that I could set the core management on my cpu to auto or manual, but it only shows cores 2-5. Are two cores being ignored?

    It also seems to take a very long time to open things (especially during setup of the OS) could it be having trouble writing to my ram?
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    ^ Which HDD are you using ?
    As for your questions,
    Win 7 has all the drivers necessary to run the X6 fine, so you wont need any additional drivers for that...
    After installing the OS, do a memtest and HD tune test, helps find issues with the RAM or HDD if any...
    Core management, I guess the 0,1 Cores(The count starts from 0 so its 0-5 i.e., 6 Cores) cannot be changed and would run at AUTO, whereas you can manage the rest of the cores based on your requirements...
  5. Thanks for clearing that up. I've memtest86+ on each stick and both sticks at the same time and they both seem to be fine.

    It looks like I got a bad video card and I'm going to do an RMA. The screen would artifact and crash the computer when playing 3d games, and when I plugged in my old card there were no such problems. as long as that wasn't a problem caused by a faulty psu then I'm getting it taken care of.
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