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Recommended GFX Card Upgrade


My system is pretty old, I know, so please don't advise me to "get a new system" I plan to eventually. I'm looking for the most suitable graphics card for my system to play games, and P.S. ignore the PSU, I can upgrade that if need be, just focus on the CPU, k thx =).


CPU: Intel Pentium D 830 3GHz
MOBO: Intel 0x8582/ chipset i945P/ PCIE x16
PSU: 375W (though it is underpowered as it is known to put out 400-500W)

Current GFX: ATI Radeon x600 256mb hypermemory

So basically I'm looking for a card that can suit my system requirements and not be bottlenecked. As I said I'd like to play games on this computer (not extremely high end like Crysis etc) but I play oblivion and fear, games like that with moderate - high settings. Once again please dont recommend a new system lol, just focus on this. Thank you in advance,

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  1. A HD4670 would be about the max card for the Pentium D and will run on a 375 watt PSU.
  2. Wat about a 9600GT???? since i'm more leaning towards a Nvidia
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    9600GT is a better card and should work fine although it will see a bottleneck by the CPU. If the 375watt psu is good quality with high amps on the +12volt rail it should do fine with the 9600GT
  4. ok, last question/s. How bad will the bottleneck be? and how many amps should i be looking for?
  5. It is not going to be to bad a bottleneck (it should still perform better than a HD4670).
    22-24amps should be enough for a 9600GT but the higher the better.
  6. Ok thx very much =]
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