Please help with LG W2453V

I recently bought LG W2453V after one month a wight spot in the left top corner of screen just on desktop in games or movies it doesn't displayed
i have windows 7 32bit i format the PC but the same problem appear so why
i installed windows XP no solution with this
the spot appear on every color
when i press alt+ctrl+del to enter task manger in windows 7 every one know a blue screen appear to choose task manger so the spot doesn't appear on it
my graphic card is ati 5970 and the cable type is dvi
so why please help and thanks
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  1. Make sure the DVI cable is properly secured to both the card and monitor. Also try the other display port on the card and see if that corrects the problem.
  2. I tried to do that but no fix
    i noticed that when i click on desktop to clicks with mouse on computer shortcut the white spot appear then i knew that the problem not form screen and from program effecting on it
    i format the PC and installed only the needed programs currently i didn't know what program or software cause that but the problem resolved
    by the way i looked at lg manual and didn't see any problem that white spot may appear only red or ...
    so i realized that a program effecting
    thanks for your reply !!
  3. Good to hear the problem is resolved :D Sometimes a reinstall of Os and then one by one install of programs is best way to isolate a problem. Sorry my advice couldnt help ya much.
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