Router, WAN port is not working correctly?

Hello, lets go directly to the problem:

I have GETNET gr-534w router, it was working properly until today. Turned on my pc and router as always and couldn't reach the internet. After long checkings, reseting router to factory settings and setting it up again and again and blabla.. I noticed a very strange thing:
When I plug my network cable to WAN port, WAN led is off (and I cannot reach the internet). When I connect my pc to router (one side to pc, another to WAN port) led is on and I normaly can reach router and manage router settings (nomater I plug it into a WAN or LANs ports). Thought that could be my internet cable problem, but it works good when I plug it directly to my pc. What could be problem?

firmware update, nothing.
reseting to factory settings and setting it up again, nothing.
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  1. pc connect to lan ,internet to wan
  2. Bad cable between Internet and router?
    I'm assuming you just unplugged the exiting cable and plugged in the one from your pc to test.
  3. I know how to connect correctly I just say that WAN port seems not to be working with inet cable. Any ideas? How can be a bad cable between inet and router, since I can plug the same cable into my pc and inet works good.
  4. do you have a friend where you could check the router,could be defective
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