Multiple but different video cards for multiple monitors?

4*2 GB ram
260 gtx
2 hdds
coolermaster case with three fans and a fan controller

Hi Tomshardware!

I currently have a 260 GTX, and am using a dual monitor setup.
I want to add a third monitor, and I have an old 8600 GT lying around here somewhere.
Can I use that as a "slave card" for a third monitor? I don't want to use it for anything else than keeping the monitor alive.

If it's possible, how much power will it consume, and will my 520 HX psu from Corsair keep up with both cards?

Thanks for your time and thanks in advance!
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  1. You most certainly can, in fact its possible with mis matched cards (nvidia and ati), but in your case it is much easier since they are both nvidia cards - they both will show up in nvidia control panel, under "set up multiple displays"

    Also your 8600 is somewhat sufficient to accelerate nvidia physx enabled features in some games - that too is a setting in the nvidia control panel (just a side note - dont know if you game)

    All you really need for those 2 gfx is a 750, maybe 850 to be safe (being conservative about the numbers)
  2. Is it viable to have two cards in one machine, one dedicated to graphics & gaming, & the other as a workstation card for running CAD applications?

    In my case, I've got an FX1500 I use for Solidworks, but now I'd like something suitable for OpenGL (v4.2+) programming. Thing is, I'm uncertain if my new card would be suitable for CAD.

    At some point, I'd also like to be able to display graphics with one card, & maybe do physics calculations on another. I've never run more than one card, so I've got some reading to do before I know how to proceed.

    Any insights would be much appreciated. :sol:
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