Faulty GPU? Mysterious Crashes when Gaming

My machine is locking up completely when playing BFBC2. There are no artifacts but it freezes and there is a terrible sound through the audio.

I have done my best to troubleshoot the problem but don't know what is causing it. Things I have tried:

Re-seat my video card and ram.

Checked Temps- All good.

Run Memtest all night- Zero errors.

Run Chkdsk /f

Run Prime95 for 2 hours, no problem

Reinstalled Windows 7 x64

Rolled back my CPU oc

Tried three different video card drivers

Reinstalled the game in question- BFBC2

Tomorrow I will try a new video card out to see if that stops it, but I don't have it yet.

What troubles me is that I don't know what it could be? Is it possible that this is a GPU failure? I bought the 460 3 months ago and never OC'd it. Or is it possible that it is a PSU failure and that stressing my GPU is causing the system to lose power? I'm not sure what kind of crash that would be though- would it lock up like this? Or is it possible that my HDD is bad, even though chkdsk shows no errors? I don't even know what a mobo failure would look like, but because my CPU seems stable, and this only happens in-game, I'm really more inclined to think it's GPU or PSU or HDD.

If it is my PSU i'd like to be able to say for sure so I can RMA it while the warranty is still good for another six months- and incidentally that PSU is known to have a high number of defects. If it's my GPU I can get another one from EVGA but I want to be sure I'm right before I send it back.

Any help is much appreciated, I will do my best to troubleshoot further and report back once I get my hands on the spare GPU tomorrow.
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    It is most likely a PSU failure. But it's not failing you terribly or the system would just reboot.
    The case could be more like a HDD lagging and the PSU failing.... during fast gaming sessions , both the HDD and the GPU are under stress as light drop in required current to either one leads to a hang.

    Before you go for a new GPU test I'd rather you went in for a PSU..... swap
  2. I had a similar (identical?) problem a few years back after just installing my Geforce 7800GS in to my system. My system would lock up and a sound clip, about a quarter second in length, would just continuously loop until I did a reset. Turned out the power supply just wasn't sufficient for that GPU. Dropped in a slightly more powerful PSU (I think I went from a CoolerMaster 450Watt to an Antec 500watt) and the problem disappeared.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Wolfshadw said:
    Dropped in a slightly more powerful PSU (I think I went from a CoolerMaster 450Watt to an Antec 500watt) and the problem disappeared.

    It wasn't the more powerful power supply that did it. A good 350 - 400 watt PSU can power your system. Your system started working properly because the Antec is a much higher quality PSU than the CoolerMaster.
  4. Quality.... or current rating and efficiency??
    I think they specify both those things in the documentation add them to the user reviews and you'll certainly get the right thing for your rig.....
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll get back to this thread later this weekend when I have a chance to test the new powersupply I bought to see if that fixes things. I guess it will be hard to tell if the drive was bad or the PSU because I replaced both and did a clean install.

    The reason I did that was because the drive got corrupted for the second time and couldn't find boot manager. When I tried to repair it or to even find a restore point I couldn't find either so I had to reinstall. I suppose that doesn't give any clues to the cause of my crashes, right? Because couldn't the PSU failing have caused the HDD corruption?

    In any case, I RMA'd the PSU and since there was a known defect with my particular model they didn't give me any trouble about it.

    Thanks for any more help and what's been given already- I will keep checking back and pick a best answer. :)
  6. Are you using any 3rd party drive managers? for cloning, partitioning or stuff like that?
    If you are, you really don't need to, try to let windows do it all.
  7. Hi, no I wasn't using any third party drive managers for those things, but I was using PefectDisk for defragging. I don't know what the problem was and now I may never know- I replaced my PSU *and* my primary HDD and the problems have ceased so it's not possible to say what was happening- unfortunately. Another thing is that I found a SATA cable that was loose and so I replaced it too, I don't know if this could have caused the crashes or what, but probably good to get rid of it.
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