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Need a modular power supply recommendation for my system.

Hello I have all the parts to my PC, I just need to buy a PSU to power it and its finished. I would really appreciate the help on choosing the right power supply and please let ti be modular.

My specs are:

I7 920 want to overclock to 3.6-4ghz
noctua dh14
gigabyte ga x58a ud3r
12gb ripjaws 12800 triple channel (3x4)
2x msi gtx 470
wd black 1tb
lg blu ray writer
coolermaster Haf X

Just need a good psu. I would really like some help.
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    you can pick from these. of course pretty much any psu made by a good manufacturer like corsair, seasonic, antec ,etc, will be fine

    but this is hands down THE BEST 850w psu out there - and it is very quiet because it turns its fan off when its cool.
  2. That corsair hx850 is looking good.
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    yes, its a very good psu that will give you hassle-free power output for a long time - and its got 7years warranty
  4. Okay done deal thanks for your help.
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  6. What advanatge do you expect from being 100% modular ? Most hi end PSU's are hydrid modular. The "optional" cables are modular but the ones that absolutely must be used are hard wired to a) reduce failure points b) cut unnecessary costs, reduce resistance and d) increase efficiency. The last two are marginal but having a modular cable that must be used anyway provides no advantage even marginal advantages offset 0 advantage in having those cables modular.

    For comparison purposes , the list below contains performance ratings (10 scale) at / prices as per newegg on 12/31/2010 and ones w/ double asterisks (**) made it onto's Editor's Choice List meaning they excelled at both electronic and acoustic performance:

    Antec SG-850 - 10.0 ($250) **
    Antec CP-850 - 10.0 ($120) **
    XFX 850W Black Edition 10.0 ($130)
    Corsair HX850 850W - 10.0 ($170)

    Antec TruePower Quattro (TPQ-850) - 9.5 ($150)
    Corsair TX850 - 9.5 ($130)
    Seasonic M12D 850W - 9.5 (NLA) **
    NorthQ Giant Connector 850W - 9.5 (NFS)
    Etasis ET850 - 9.5 (NLA)
    Silverstone Zeus ST85ZF - 9.5 (NLA)

    Enermax Revolution 85+ 850W - 9.0 (OOS)

    Thrmaltake Toughpower XT 850W - 8.5 (NLA)
    OCZ Z Series 850W - 8.5 ($165)

    NorthQ Black Magic Flex 850W - 8.0 (NFS)
    Coolmax CTG-850 - 8.0 (NFS)

    SilverStone Decathlon DA850 - 7.5 (NLA)
    Enermax Galaxy DXX 850W EGX850EWL - 7.5 (NFS)

    SilverStone Strider ST85F - 7.0

    Silverstone Element ST85EF 850W - 6.0

    OOS - Out of Stock / NFS - Not For Sale / NLA = No Longer Available
  7. just a little too late there dude
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