80 Plus Gold PSU for 2 x 6970 in Crossfire?

2 x 6970
ASUS P8P67 Deluxe
8GB GSKILL Ripjaws

I'm going to be overclocking this thing to the max.

I want 80 Plus Gold for efficiency.

What do you guys think I need, and what brands should I look for? Trying to get the cheapest option with this criteria.

This is what newegg shows as matching that criteria when looking at 800W and up (I left out the Crossfire requirement as I don't trust newegg's listing for those that do and do not support Crossfire).

Thanks guys
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  1. you want to steer clear of lousy psus. stick to high quality ones like those from antec, corsair, seasonic, xfx, or nzxt.
    a good 800w will be plenty, 850w if you want to overclock, and still have a little headroom left over.

    [edit]:the one psycho linked to is very good!
  2. How about OCZ? They make a lot of other good components - are their PSU's also upto par? They have this one that is one of the cheaper options after a MIR:

  3. corsair is good too - but not as good as corsair's professional series
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  5. shovenose said:
    corsair is good too - but not as good as corsair's professional series

    If you use a platinum certified power supply that is 90% efficient at full load 650 watts would be adequate. As long as you don't overclock the gpu .For a bronze certified power supply you would need 750 watts. 500 watts is all you need for one 6970 gpu.. So 650 watts with platinum certification should be more than enough. Most people do overkill on psu because either they overclock the gpu or they don't buy a platinum certified psu that gives off less heat and more electricity. Being cheap with something as important as a power supply is plain stupid.
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