GTX 275 vs 9800GX2 vs HD4890

Okay so out of these three cards which is the fastest and i can get all three of these cards the same price so price aint a issues. And im not fussed about power consumption as i have a OCZ 600W thanks
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    As you can see above, they are all similar in performance. I'd suggest either the GTX275 or HD 4890 based on the age of technology and efficiency. Of those two, get whatever is cheapest or has the best warranty/brand.
  2. ^Yup, them along with the HD5830 and GTX280/460 are all in the same performance bracket.

    Heat and power wise, it goes from 9800GX2(highest)>GTX275>HD4890(lowest), but its all pretty close.

    Heres a review if youre interested:
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