How to bring screen back after monitor wont come on

I had connected my pc laptop to a monitor. It was fine until I tried to make the display fit better by accessing the display menus. I took the suggestion to have the monitor automatically adjust the picture. when I did that, both the lap top screen and monitor have gone black. the computer reboots fine, even to give the MICROSOFT xp logo, then a boot f2 prompt if...then the f11 promt to...then black. I can't get on anything after that. i've tried to reboot several times, tried to disconnect the external monitor. nothing. help please.
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  1. Try to do a system restore during boot-up.
  2. Does it work in safe mode?
  3. boot the laptop up and use the special function key combo to switch to the external display. (Fn+F4 on my laptop) and reset the resolution back to that of your laptops display and then use the special function keys to switch back to the laptop display. If your not sure what that is you can try something like 800x600 or 640x480 and see if that works enough to get you an on-laptop screen image and then let autoadjust reset it for you.

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