win98 does not shut down! help!

Very strange. I try to shut down and it restarts! Wasn't happening earlier. Let's see -- what changed since I last shut down? This comp has been running for over 30 hrs (did a few restarts in between, but no shutdown). I downloaded a whole bunch of programs in those hours -- windows update, tweaks, benchmarks, etc. I guess one way to solve this problem would be to uninstall everything. But I don't wanna do that if there is another way out. Also, I don't think that the stuff that i downloaded from the windows 98 website can be uninstalled now. Any help will be appreciated. Meanwhile, I think I am going to restart my computer and see if it actually restarts or shuts down.

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  1. THat my friend is a virus you have...I have seen it many times before......I am looking into the fix again for it right so I should have one for you by tonight.

  2. This could be a virus, but in the meantime, try this: Type Ctl-Alt-Delete, and bring up the Task Manager.

    The only programs that absolutely HAVE to be running are Explorer and Systray. Highlight each program that is running, one at a time, and click "End Task".

    When you are finished, and left with only Explorer and Systray ... close the Task Manager, and attempt to restart normally.

    If you are successful ... then the problem is likely to be one of those programs you manually turned off in the Task Manager.

    If that is the case, go through the sequence again until you locate which program is causing the problem. Then either uninstall it, or change the options in the program so that it is not running continuously.

    I suggest this ... because if the computer has been running for only thirty hours or so, it would be surprising for you to have already caught a virus (unless you have a penchant for opening email attachments!) You said yourself that the problem didn't occur until you started installing programs, tweaks, etc.

    This should help you locate the "culprit".

    Note: It's not likely to be a patch from the Windows Update Site ... I've upgraded Win98 many times from the site, and the only difficulty I've encountered is getting the dang java applet to download and install itself.

    Note 2: This is NOT the only possible "fix". There could be a hardware conflict or a incorrect setting in the BIOS, and/or your system could be infected by a virus, as previously mentioned. Please add to this thread when you have the opportunity, and let me know if this solved your problem.

    See ya ... Toejam31
  3. Isn't there a windows shut-down fix on the microsoft web site?

    Just another suggestion from a person who has made a lot of mistakes on my computer, restart/shutdown after every installation of a piece of software and a piece of hardware. This way, if your system starts to have problems after the reboot, you know exactly what is causing it.
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