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I have a dell inspiron 1564 and i want to install mac os x on it....i tried to install ikatos 7 but could'nt do it....plz help
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  1. Forget about it. What you are doing is piracy. No one here will help you with that.

    If you want to run OSX buy a mac, or buy hardware you can install the retail osx on.
  2. do you have a legal copy of os x? if so, then you can try installing through vmware

  3. There are many things you might want to look at here:

    I also don't see a problem if you actually own the Mac OS retail CD. Good luck with that!
  4. You could certainly try it on a laptop. One of our writers did attempt to
    use this method on a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4074, but did not have any luck
    getting the Boot CD to properly boot the OS X installation DVD. She will
    likely have to use the USB installation method as described by Lifehacker.

  5. What you need to do if you want to install Mac OS X on this laptop is download iPC from a torrent site like pirate bay. It is a big iso so it will take a while. Next you need to burn this image to a DVD. Boot from this DVD. It will seem like for ever before it boots. After you select your language go up to utilitys. Click on disk utillity. You will format your hard drive for hsf+ and make sure it is set to MBR. Then follow the on screen instructions untill you get the option to select installtion components select all you devices out of the drivers. The most important driver the mouse and keyboard go down to where it says patches or fixes or something to that affect and select touch pad/keyboard. Then click install and hope it works. You might have to do some driver searching, but you'll get the hang of mac os x. Good Luck!
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