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Okay I am trying to do the seemingly impossible. I want to use Boot Magic to trible boot 98SE, win2k, and winxp on three seperate primary partitions, the first partition being 98se, the second win2k, and the last winxp, and I want all the fat32 partitions to be visible in every O.S.

My main question is can you view multiple primary partitions in 98se? I know you can in win ME, because I got the triple boot thing going on with this computer and they are all on visible primary partitions (but this is using microsofts built in boot menu crap). I managed to get 98se and win2k up and running on bootmagic, but trying to install xp in the third partitions just gave me some weird error. Also I couldn't get the win2k partition to show up in 98se, but I think that can be fixed, because why would winME allow you to see multiple primary partitions and win 98se not?

How do you get the updated xp installation files on a bootable xp cd? because when you do it the normal way (I mean installing it out of like another win OS to another partition) it worked, but if I try to install it off the cd I can't get it to work.

If anyone is interested in how I got to where I did:
install 98se
install partition and boot magic 7
make sure boot magic is enabled!
create a new fat32 primary partition after the win 98se partition and then make it active.
click apply
make your bios boot from the cd
proceed to install win2k normally
after it restarts don't boot from the cd
boot into 98se via bootmagic
add the win2k primary partition in the boot magic configuration
select the win2k primary partion in the boot magic boot menu
continue to install it normally
now go back to 98se after rebooting

This is the halt. Try to get win 98se to see the win2k partition, and tell me if you can figure out a way to make a bootable cd of the new winxp files you download and save to disk when you install it from a win os.
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  1. Sounds like fun, but why?!

    -¤ Shut the f**k up or go AMD! ¤-
  2. Windows 2k/xp won't run everything, even with the compatibility layer and I haven't messed with VMware or virtual pc enough to know how well that works.

    Win xp is buggy.

    win 98se is for the stuff win2k can't run.

    And I did have success!!!
    The winxp installation was getting messed up by the cd rom drive. so using a different one made the error go away.

    The multiple visible primary partitions could be accomplished by overriding the default viewable partions in boot magic.

    installing winxp disables boot magic, but installing partition magic in winxp after it installs and then using partition magic or pq boot to set the win98 partition active allows you to enable boot magic again in win 98 and use boot magic's menu to triple boot.
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