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About a week ago I was going into a game of TF2, but it ended up taking about 5x longer than it used to to load the map. This entire time it's been going like that (even at startup it takes forever for Windows to load).

I have tried many different things that have been suggested with this problem: cleaning the registry, defragging, and I even checked CPU temp. and usage and all seems normal (registry was incredibly dirty and helped a little bit, now I don't time out on Nuclear Dawn server when I try to load the map =D).

All I can think of that's left is my HDD has gone bad or I have a virus.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on anything else? The former probably isn't the problem since I just got it 7 months ago.

Any replies at all are appreciated.
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  1. I would check to see how many programs are running the background. The more programs, the slower things are loading.
  2. Right, I've tried running pretty much the same amount of programs in the background as before and also as little as I can in the background. The problem is that it's changed from being a fairly fast 20-30 second load time to a maddening 4-5 minute load.
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