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So after a failed overclock my motherboard blew out. I finally got a new mobo yesterday. I built my computer back up again and everything turns on and i can actually get into bios now. Problem is after mobo boot up screen it goes to a black screen with a little white blinking dash on the left. Almost looks like a terminal. but without the typing capabilities. Anyone got any ideas what's wrong? I'm thinking the hard drives blew out also. Would it help if i boot up from the windows 7 disc? and if it does work clean install?
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  1. Probably a corrupt windows install. Minimum a repair install should fix your problem. Full install works as well if you have no data that you want saved.
  2. i put in the install disc and just my luck... It didnt work. It just kept restarting the computer over and over again. I then tried my xp disc and it gave me an i389/ntkrnlmp error. what do you guys think. My ideas are hard drive. or could it be something else.
  3. I also tried booting up from 3 different HDD and they all kept restarting the computer over and over
  4. tried ubuntu... just froze.
  5. Try following this bread boarding thread it should help locate the problem part.
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