$2000-3500 Builds

Now two friends want computers (they dont need this good a computer but they insist...)
One is a strategy gamer (SC2), and the other uses it for everything (majorly games).
They both reckon they'll spend up to $3500
They both want 3 24" monitors...
They want to be able to Crossfire in the future,
Their plan is to spend maybe $2000ish to start (1 monitor, 1 graphics card)
and upgrade later.

(oh and an Aussie here, they like PC Case Gear)
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  1. For the SC2 gamer
    Link this to him/her
    StarCraft 2 and anti-aliasing: a tempest in a teapot
    StarCraft never offered things like anti-aliasing, or even 3D graphics, and it remains one of the most popular games of all time. To this very day, thousands of people play it online daily. See, StarCraft isn’t about pretty graphics or fancy GPU features or neat acceleration tricks. StarCraft is about gameplay.

    Just dun read into AA/Ultra benches too much and do w/o AA and no where near $3.5k is needed
  2. for $3500 you should be able to build 4 computers to last you until the 2020s, with several $800 computers.

    now, if they are going for 3 screens, they'll need to do crossfire or SLI, but the price will go up. Since you're doing 3 monitors, a really solid system should be around $1500-2000.
  3. This is insane.
    $329 for a GTX 460?
    $200 for a NZXT case?
    $289 for a *first gen* OCZ SSD?
    $178 for a not-even 80+ PSU?

    I'm not even going to bother with the rest.

    Even cosidering this is Australian dollars, You're throwing GOBS of money away
  4. i used mwave.. and ive realised this site is cheaper with alot of stuff.. i mean you can get a X6 1055T for the same price as my X4 965BE

    and i was wondering bout that ssd. he picked it.
  5. Hmm just read up on Indilinx, Sandforce, etc controller for SSDs and the answer would become obvious hehe
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