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Ok so I'm building a new pc (post here : Building gaming pc) and I am thinking of buying a SSD for the faster load times and w/e else it provides. I got suggested G.Skill Phoenix III 120GB SSD and since I have no idea about SSD I would like more opinions on this issue. Are there any better ones that don't cost a ton and what exactly you do with the SSD? Install the OS in it and keep games in your HDD or have OS+Games in SSD and just keep the HDD for general storage?
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  1. Samsung 830 or 840 120GB models are well priced and good performers. There are many others that will be subject to your local pricing such as Intel, Corsair and Kingston's models which I have heard to be good too. Installing the OS is easier if you disconnect all drives other than the SSD then install the OS normally by booting from the OS CD. This is my setup:

    SSD: OS + Essential work programs (AutoCAD, Solidworks, ANSYS, Matlab etc) + 30GB space
    HDD: Games, Music, documents etc.

    I highly recommend leaving a bit of space free on the SSD as overtime, sectors will die and also drives work better when not filled completely. Select only your favourite/highest performance games to put on the SSD.
  2. I normally recommend Samsung. Crucial and Intel are also worth considering.

    I maintain the ssd database listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section. Here is the link:

    Scroll down to the ssd's you are interested and follow the links to the technical reviews.

    With a 128GB ssd you can install Microsoft Windows, software applications, utilities, and a few of your most favorite games on the ssd. Store all other data, photos, videos, music, games etc. etc. on a hard disk drive. You can always swap games between the ssd and the hard drive.
  3. So if I don't have any work programms that tend to be heavy for pc, I should definitely install OS and maybe 1 or 2 games in the SSD. Would a 64gb be ok for the OS only and would it be ok for the OS + 1-2 games? Also by installing games that delete and write things in every patch they have (eg. LoL has 1 patch every 2-3 weeks) reduce a SSD's life?
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