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im setting up a new pc mainly downloading 24x7,moderate gaming ,net browsing.if anyone could suggest a good value for money mobo and cpu..it will help me decide what to buy....im considering amd and intel dual cores ....with moderate oc...my budget for cpu and mobo would be around 150-170$(considering the setup is for about only a year)...
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  1. You'll struggle to get an Intel setup for that kind of budget. I would suggest an entry-level AM3 motherboard, with an Athlon II X3 processor.
  2. You have the RAM?
  3. wat do u mean by moderate gaming?? be specific of wat games do u wana play
    do u hve all da othr hardware parts of da pc nd a monitor?
    i u r planning 2 buy a whole system den tel ur total budget
  4. i have a hd 4850 1gb ddr2 ,500w psu ,moniter max resolution (1280x1024),ddr2 ram ,its my secondary rig which i want to upgrade just the mobo and cpu....i dont mind buying amd if it performs as good (or better) than the intel counterpart in same price range.....
  5. if amd the which would be better a high end dual core or lower triple core
  6. any good triple core amd you would suggest???in the budget??
  7. Athlon II X3 455 for $85 US. You could pick up a cheaper one like the 450 or 445 as well.

  8. and mobo...
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  10. thanks to all i have setup my secondary rig ....
    asrock m3a770de am3
    amd athlon II x3 440 3.0 ghz
    xfx hd4850 1gb
    2gb ddr3 1600 kingston ram (add 2gb later )
    500w psu

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  11. i chose asrock over gigabyte as i got the ddr3 ram cheaper ...and the board itself was cheap ..with good oc features ...and core unlock (havent tried it yet)
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