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Hey guys,

Just recently I ordered my first gaming pc. I didn't buy a SSD, I just bought a regular Seagate Barracuda 500GB HDD. This build is primarily for gaming. I was wondering if a SSD for a boot drive is worth it? I have a $100 to spend. How much gigabytes do I need for a boot drive? Or should I just buy something else for my computer, like a keyboard or something? If I do need one, which one would you recommend for me? Is it going to be a hassle to transfer all my stuff from my HDD to SSD?

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  1. The SSD will be worth it as a boot drive if you want a faster boot time (you will need to reinstall everything if you do this). For a boot drive I would suggest at least 64gb, but for $100 you should be able to get a little more like 90gb or 120gb which would be worth it in my opinion. If you want faster load times in your games, leave the OS on the HDD and put your games on the SSD (in this case just reinstall the games to the ssd). It's up to you if you really want it, it will just speed up your boot/load times.
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