Looking for a good motherboard for i5 2500k

I am looking to build a new box and am finding myself a little in over my head. For starters I will just go over what I am looking to do with my PC. I enjoy gaming and making some videos of my gameplay. I am interested in using two video cards to be prepared for future game titles. I am going purchase a i5 2500k and am looking for a motherboard to put it in. The roundup articles are great, but it was looking like the Z68 chipset is the way to go, and they didn't seem to have an article comparing the higher end boards. From what I gathered you could glean extra performance over the P67 chipsets for video editing with the Z68. I don't think I am super concerned with price differences between chipsets as they seem to be fairly small, and from what I gathered I will gain notable performance in video editing.
My questions boil down to this.
- Is the Z68 chipset what I want based on my uses? If not, what is?
- Which motherboards offer good options at reasonable prices? I am willing to spend what I should, but I don't want to overspend for no good reason.
- Are there any vital points I've missed? I am aware that I might have overlooked something important in deciding what motherboard I want.
- If mods/someone that knows view this, will there be a roundup article of Z68 boards that appeal to me more in the near future, or is there one that I missed?
Thank you for your time and any insight you might provide! I am finding myself a little lost in a sea of information I don't fully understand.
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  1. go for asus p8z68 vpro the best solution for 2500k
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