Thermaltake Armorplus Armor Versus Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition

I am thinking of ether getting the Thermaltake Armorplus Armor+ vh6000bws or the Cooler Master Back Edition HAF 932. I need some opinoins:

Which looks cooler?
Which looks more airey and open?
Which would is more efficient internally with options?

Also, if the interior is black like the Coolermaster, would I get less of light effect since the black asborbes the light?
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  1. None too sure on which is better on your criteria,
    but a black interior enhances lighting in my experience (Self-painted Matt Black)
    I personally like the look of the TT case more though
  2. The armor+ has more flexibility, and a longer warrantee, and a top-mount for the PSU. The CM has more fans, and is lighter, with a bottom mount for the PSU and $45 cheaper. "Looks Cooler" is such a subjective criterion, that your opinion means more than anybody else's.

    good luck!
  3. Thank you for your input.

    I am now wanting the Cooler Master Cosmos S but it sux it is not all black. Out of those three which looks the most cool?
  4. Thermaltake cases are junk, go with the HAF
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