Computer's NOises + Beeps?

Hey- i just turned on my computer, and i havent gotten to use it yet due to some Videocard issues- i think..., I just plugged it back in to see if that solved the issue and it made 1 beep and 2 extra beeps (repeatedly) and according to my motherboard manual it means, no Memory detected, but it hasnt done this before??... What do i do...
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  1. Remove the side of the case, and make sure the RAM is seated firmly. There are clips on both ends that should be snapped in place.

    If that isn't the issue, try booting with each RAM chip, 1 at a time.
  2. Lol im such a fricken moron- i went to bestbuy before u had said that... LOL and they did exactly what u said to do- and now theres no issues :DD
  3. Good to hear.
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