Constant buzzing on stereo used as audio out

hi everyone,
I am using my new stereo as Audio Out for the sound coming from my PC, the stereo and the PC are connected via a "jack to coaxial cable". The problem is that there is a permanent buzzing coming from my PC. The louder the volume, the louder the buzz.

- I already had the problem on my old stereo, so its not coming from the stereo
- I checked with the PC of my girlfriend and there is no buzz, so its not coming from the cable
- While muting the sound of the PC, the buzz is still present on the stereo

I was told by a friend that it could be a problem if mass difference... but that's not really helping me to solve my problem.

I had a audio integrated card, and I changed that last saturday, buying one creative soundblaster audigy card, but this didnt solve my problem at all.....

What can I do to remove this buzz?

thanks in advance
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  1. Sounds like you may have a grounding problem on either the PC and/or the stereo. Are the 2 devices plugged into the same power strip or outlet? If so, try connecting to different outlets to see if the buzzing goes away. Good luck!
  2. they are on different outlet...
    but i received some new info since my post: I didn't know that i had to deactivate the integrated sound card via the BIOS. I will try that tonight and hope it will stop the problem on the new soundcard.
  3. I hope it helps, but wouldn't be surprised if it made no difference since the problem existed when you used it as your audio output device. If you connected the same PC to a normal set of speakers, would the buzz still be present?
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