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Hello, have a 8800 GTS and after a format i did yesterday it started acting up. Any game i try it instantly freezes up after just a second or two, but after a succesfull reboot it can maintain for about 30 seconds to a minute before freezing and giving me a nice pallette of random colors all over the place, and i have to terminate the game. I googled about the latest nvidia drivers and they were claimed to be unstable with one of the games(Starcraft 2) and i tried then the previous version but the same problem, i am now on 185.85 and the problem remains. Also as i am writing this it's starting to glitch up in windows aswell, freezing the screen(can still move mouse) for 10-15 seconds every 2-3 minutes or so. To me the issues in the games sounds like overheating, but speedfan shows a temperature of about 73-74 degrees.

So im wondering if all hope is lost and it's dead, or if it could be something else? I have also tried cleaning it to the best of my abilities without opening the fan thing and removing that.
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  1. It sounds like the GPU has developed memory issues. When the Memory fails one often sees the random colors appearing on the screen. I would say your card has hardware failure. Test the PC out with another card if you can.
  2. Are those tempturates idle? Those are kind of high for idle.

    Use a program like MSI Afterburner to fool around with the fans/make sure the fans are working well as well as monitor your tempuratures.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums
    What are your others system specs ?
    If those temps are for idle, then its overheating and that's causing problems in games/apps.
  4. Also, With your system specifications please provide a location and the max you're willing to spend on repairing/upgrading your current PC.
  5. Got an MSI N6S-something platinum motherboard(im in school, so cant check for sure) Intel 6800 dual core at 2.6ghz, think corsair memories aswell. The card is an MSI NXGeForce8800 GTS iirc for the full name, and those temps were during load, forgot to specify that sorry. Idle temp was around 50 or so, core idle temp of around 30-35 and forgot the load temp but nothing really stood out as high during load(I dont really know but high during load as in dangerously high is above 90 or so?)

    Only odd thing is it worked fine before my format, only had one slight glitch where some textures got replaced with other textures ingame once, but did a reboot and it was fine. Out of memory i think the GPU fan was spinning at around 3000 RPM and the core fan on 1500 or so(during load), any idea what the power supply fan is called in speed fan? Had the fan in my PSU die in my old computer and before i figured out what it was it had killed a GFX card, a mobo and my soundcard by overheating.

    There has however been a problem with SC2 which i dont know if its fixed but, there was no FPS cap in the menus of the game so it had burned out quite a few cards, might just´ve been thats what happened to my card, but im not really the guy to ask for such things:)

    As for a replacement a friend of mine who recently bought a comp suggested http://www.komplett.no/k/ki.aspx?sku=600760 (link in norwegian, sorry) the price is about 140 150 euros i believe which is around my budget atm, just looking for a card to last me maybe a year or two before i get a new computer as from what i know putting a badass card into a scrumpy old computer will just bottleneck it and you won't get anywhere near the full benefitt of the card, anyway thats my thought process, thanks so much for the help and input so far guys, really nice and friendly place these forums:)
  6. I recommend the following graphics card:
    It's 1 whatever currency you go by cheaper than the one you picked, and better IMO.

    If you need a new power supply(which I now doubt, but please supply the PSU model of your current one just so I can be sure) I'd recommend this one http://www.komplett.no/k/ki.aspx?sku=593199

    I'm not sure what it's price is in euro's, but its a good PSU.

    **Google translate is my friend**
  7. Are there any specific differences between the two other then manufacturer? Performance wise and whatnot?
  8. Yes, The Asus is a better manufacturer, And it's OC'ed SFAIK
  9. Ok ordered the Asus card as you recommended, thanks for the help with that. One question tho, my MSI P6N SLI Platinum motherboard only has PCI-e 1.0 afaik, the Asus card is 2.0 so im guessing the mobo will bottleneck the card a bit, but how big of an issue is that really? Im guessing it will still outperform my 8800 GTS and then i have a card for my new comp a bit down the road if money is scarce.
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