Dell optiplex gx 270 boot failure!! Yelp!!!

I have a dell optiplex gx 270. The pc is working ok but there is a li'l problem that when i plug the power cable in the wall socket there is solid amber light instead of the green light and the screen remains blank. The diagnostic lights are also blank. But after attempting to turn it on several times it works. What can be the prob please help. Is it the m'board or the psu??
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  1. Re-seat the ram and check the motherboard power connectors, these PC's also had problems with the capacitors failing, check for bulging or leaking on the capacitors, if they have leaked or bulged then replace them.
  2. Have you tried the F12 key with the power plugged in and then turned it on?
    If so, what have the results been?

    If you can't figure out the light signals , here's the guide to it...
  3. +1 caps or flaky psu.
  4. Quote:
    that's only for the SFF model, not the mini-tower.

    Yes the mid towers have been fine, its the desktop version which I have come across that have the capacitor problems, I've replaced capacitors in about a 15 of them so far.
  5. I scrapped a mini tower GX 270 a couple months back when it showed up with a thermal error on boot, cracked it open and there were only 9 caps i could find on its board that had not blown their tops, so its still a possibility on the mini towers especially since they are now rather old.
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