New Build Intel i7-950 comments wanted

Greetings, all:

I am building a new system. This will be for HD video (mostly) and very large digital photos.

After running the AMD vs. Intel scenarios (looked at benchmarks, mostly), here is what I have:

Case: Cooler Master HAF 932

Data Storage, WD 2TB Green 2TB (x2):

Raw Data/Render Disk (separate disks), WD Caviar Black 1TB x 2

OS Windows 64Bit

GPU ATI FirePro 5800Pro

CPU Cooler, Cooler Master Rifle

BluRay - Pioneer

OS SSD Drive, OCZ Vertex2 60GB

SSD Scratch Drive, Corsiar 40GB

Optical DVD, Samsung

CPU Intel i7-95- 3.06GHz plus OCZ Gold 6GB Ram (3x2GB)

MOBO Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R, etc. plus PSU OCZ Z Series Gold 1000W, etc.

Total, about $2230 w/ rebates.

Looking to set data storage up in either Raid 0, or 0+1 config.

Any comments on the above? I know the GPU is overkill, but with 800 processing cores for $350 bucks, seems a lot of bang for the buck. I know the arguements of CPU vs. GPU processing on video...and the jury is out on that.

Thanks in advance for poking any holes in the above proposed setup.

Time to buy is next 48 hours.
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  1. The 5770 also has 800 stream processors and its less than $150 now, and its still more than enough for hd video play back.

    The v5800 also has less power consumption than your 950, so why a 1000w psu? thats way way too much. You easily get away with a 450w psu.

    Honestly everything in your build looks like an over kill for what you'll be using it for. You can get a system for hd playback with a large amount of storage and ssd boot drive for 1000.
  2. The PSU is for future, additional GPUs (had a 750, and somehow switched to 1000).
    This system is for video rendering of HD 1080i (main reason for building), and the data files are massive.

    This system has 2 SSDs, 2x 1TB (data + rendering drive) and 2 x 2TB for archived storage.

    Good point on the PSU, but Adobe has some compatibility issues, and their site lists specific compliant GPUs.

    But for raw processing speed (my current dual core takes over 10 hours to process a project), why is this overkill?
  3. If you get a 1gb gtx 460 that'll be more than enough for cs5, as your projects will be more cpu limited. If you want to get the most performance id drop that gpu and invest in a nice cooler so you can overclock the cpu to around 4ghz or more.
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